Ashley Voisin

Ashley Voisin is the Chief Creative Officer for Robots Are Fun, an organization she began working for when she was ten years old. She has designed five technology-integrated garments over the last five years and has appeared in numerous shows, including three MakeFashion shows and Mini Maker Faires in Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta. Ashley also enjoys martial arts and playing guitar and soccer. She participated in the 2015 and 2016 Calgary Youth Science Fair and is passionate about encouraging young children to achieve their dreams in the areas of math and science.

Awards and Recognition

2014 - 2017 Telus Spark - Volunteer
2016 GHIA - Attendee
2016 - 2017 Beakerhead - Volunteer
2016 - 2017 Tutor
2017 Tao of Peace Martial Arts - Volunteer
2017 Fuse 33 - Volunteer
2017 - 2018 344 Victoria - Volunteer
2017 - 2018 Le Griffon B and B - Volunteer
2017 Mars 112 (Collaborator), Market Grade Entrepreneur in Residence, Featured in Owl Magazine
2017 MakerPro, Speaker, presenter MakeFashion Team - Maker Faire, Shenzhen, China
2017 U.N. Global Compact Summit On Gender Equality - Attendee
2017 Mentor events for Cybermentor
2018 Le Moque Tortue - Volunteer
2018 This Girl Can YYC Expo - Volunteer
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