BiaSciLab has been into technology, making and hacking since she was in kindergarten, where her LED lit doll house took first place in the school science fair.

For her fourth grade science project, she re-purposed electronics that were heading for the trash into useful objects - Portable speakers, LED flash lights and saved a laptop by installing a lightweight linux OS on it.

In fifth grade she did research on oxalis stricta, performing a MS Media Modulation on the plant to determine it’s nutritional needs, a key first step in studying any plant. During this project, she realized the need to automate adding the liquid plant food, control the lights as well as take pictures.

The following year, she developed the WaterBot to make hacking plants easier. This ‘plant control system’ allows the user to control how much plant food, water, heat and light a plant receives. It also takes time lapse photos to help scientists study the plant as it grows. At DEF CON 26 she did a talk on this device at the BioHacking Village.

At DEF CON 26 she was one of the first to successfully perform a SQL Injection on the mock election reporting systems set up in the r00tz asylum. This was noticed by Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (D, NJ) who invited her to a hearing on election system vulnerabilities where her hacking skills were highlighted. This inspired her to do a talk on securing the election systems at DEF CON 27. Covering solutions to the entire election system, BiaSciLab was able to explain the security issues clearly to a mixed audience of technical and non-technical people.

Already a established speaker, BiaSciLab has given talks and taught classes at many hacking and technology conferences including: Numerous Bsides, DEFCON, WOPR Summit, and H.O.P.E., where she was the youngest speaker ever at age 11.

Noticing that other girls her age wanted to learn how to hack, she started Girls Who Hack - “Teaching girls the skills of hacking so that they can change the future.” Girls Who Hack provides classes both online and in person on the skills necessary to become a computer security expert.

A strong proponent for women in technology, BiaSciLab will continue to lead, teach and be an inspiration to others.

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