Laalitya Acharya

Laalitya has been innovating and experiment since she was a young child. Whether it was finding new ways to do chores or creating fruit-powered batteries, thinking outside the box was always her style. This creative way of thinking led her to finding science fair in elementary school. Since then every spring, she has set up her research onto a board to present! Moving on from non-competitive to competitive Science Fair in middle school, Laalitya has found a place to share her ideas to those as passionate about STEM as she is!

She was first put onto the international stage of science with the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Since then she has participated in multiple high-level competitions including the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the Paradigm Project Challenge, the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) and many others such as the Genius Olympiad and being a Melvin Scholar. Throughout all of these science fairs and competitions, her passion and aim to improve the world has not faltered. She truly believes that it simply takes one idea, one mind, to change the world forever.

Laalitya also participates in her school science fair and was recently named captain of her Science Fair team. Her goal is to increase the size of the Science Fair team and to introduce this wonderful activity to others. By changing the stigma around science and science fairs (commonly seen as very difficult and strict pathed endeavors), she believes that she can show people the beauty of STEM. As Laalitya always says "Science and scientific experimentation is not a linear process, it is a webbed pathway that takes you through many different routes before you get to the end." She also mentors younger students in science fairs and their own scientific research, finding that introducing children to step at a young age is the best way for a life-long love of STEM.

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