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This year has been a very year for Julie, packed with awards, events, and meeting up with friends from around the world. She has been interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles, as well as for the local TV station WMUR, all for her hard work in STEAM and science communication. Now Julie has been reconginzed in the most Marvel-ous way, she has been featured in the Marvel comic The Unstoppable Wasp! Yes the comic has been restarted with a new #1 issue, and the interviews of female scientists are there! This is where Julie has been featured, she was interviewed by none other than Nadia Van Dyne herself, the Unstoppable Wasp! In the interview Julie not only talks about her activities, she also talks about all the people that have inspired her in STEAM both from the past, present, and those coming up themselvese like Julie.

Julie Seven Sage

Aspiring Astrophysicist

Allie Weber

Aspiring Engineer

Taylor Richardson

Aspiring Astronaut

Jordan Reeves

Aspiring Designer

Lauren Voisin

Coming Soon!

Kari Lawler

Entrepreneur and Computer Scientist

Simone Bridges

Chef and Entrepreneur

Ivanna Hernandez

Aspiring Aerospace Engineer

Hannah Herbst

Coming Soon!

Gitanjali Rao

Aspiring Geneticist

Ashley Voisin

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