A group of friends that uplift and support each other. They spread their joy and love of all things STEAM with others and to encourage other kids to explore the world and universe around them.

In Loving Memory

Our hearts are broken.

Lauren Voisin was 15, she passed away April 9th. She was one of our original members. Her intelligence, kindness, and smiles were infectious. Even though she has passed she will always be a member of our STEAM Squad.

During this time the family has asked that we remember her, in lieu of sending the family condolences and individual messages, the family has asked that everyone focus on inspiring stories and happy memories from their interactions with Lauren.

A foundation has been set up by her family, her friends, and her mentors. To continue the work she has done, in helping 8-15 yr olds with their dreams in science. Please go to this page to share memories and inspiration.

Lauren Foundation

A GoFundMe has also been set up to help the foundation in Lauren’s memory. Our love for her will be forever. She was so talented, smart and driven.

Lauren Foundation GoFundMe

We also want Ashley, her older sister, a STEAM Squad member, to know we are here for her. Where we lost a STEAM Sister, Ashley lost her real sister. We ask for understanding and respect during this. Ashley, just know we will forever be your STEAM Sisters.

We love you!

Lauren and Ashley’s shared Instagram is @robots_r_fun and their shared Twitter is @robotsrfun2. Remember, no condolences, only inspirational messages and good memories

Julie Seven Sage

Aspiring Astrophysicist

Allie Weber

Aspiring Engineer

Taylor Richardson

Aspiring Astronaut

Jordan Reeves

Aspiring Designer

Gitanjali Rao

Aspiring Geneticist

Kari Lawler

Entrepreneur and Computer Scientist

Ashley Voisin

Designer and Entrepreneur

Ivanna Hernandez

Aspiring Aerospace Engineer

Hannah Herbst

Computer Scientist

Kaitlyn Ludlam

Aspiring Astronaut

Simone Bridges

Chef and Entrepreneur

Gabriella White

Aspiring Architect

Sahda Haroon

Aspiring Astronaut

Laalitya Acharya

Inventor / Aspiring Engineer


Maker / Hacker

Our Special Star

Lauren Voisin